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Celebrating special Moments in Life with Custom Handmade Memory Quilts & Gifts.
I started out by making 2 custom memory quilts with my son's outgrown clothing.  I could not bring myself to give away his cute little sentimental outfits, so I used what I knew about quilting and created my own design!! Over the years, I added to my collection of custom handmade memory quilts and now also make pillows & ornaments. I love when a customer contacts me to make custom quilts with something new, that is how I added t-shirt quilts, military quilts and jersey quilts to my collection.  And when my son was in preschool, I made a custom handprint quilt as a gift for a teacher!  The handprint quilts grew to their own styles and are used now as gifts for teachers, grandparents and most popular for Silent and Live Auction entries.  One customer recently reported their Handprint Quilt sold for over $4,000 in their Auction!!

I have always loved all crafts and sewing.  Much of what I do was taught to me by my mom or grandma. ​I love to sew gifts & quilts for my family, friends and hope to make something special for you as well!​

My work is my pride.  Each quilt is unique and special to me. ​Quality is my priority at Sew4MyLoves.

Thank you for supporting small businesses and thank you for visiting our store!