About us - meet the Stone family

Hello, we are the Stone Family! 

Welcome to Stones Collective, a shop where we share our creative talents and love of family life with you.  There are five of us – Steve, Dona, James, Earl and Sidney.  As a family, we love to camp (especially at the beach), swim, explore, build & craft, take long walks, cook & barbecue and play water polo! 

Steve is an ex-Pat and IT guy who works from home.  He is always building something or planting something!  He has a dedicated outdoor man-BBQ-cove that is used year-round since we are California. Everyone in the neighborhood know his since he walks our pups multiple times a day.  And Steve also has an amazing British-accent!

Dona is a California-girl who used to be an IT executive until the day James was born!  She loves to sew and created a home business making Memory Quilts & Gifts in 2016 called Sew4MyLoves.  Her days are filled with sewing and volunteering in school or with other causes she believes in.  Dona especially loves long drives with her son, coffee, reading and cuddling with her pups.

James is a teen! Need we say more?!  He is on a competitive water polo team which means we all get to travel a lot.  He is a great kid who has loads of friends.  He loves spending time gaming, eating and also with his Gammer who lives close by.  Right now, James is hoping to share some of his favorite styles and treats with you.

Lastly, Earl and Sidney (Sid) are our huge 80+ pound Labrador pups!  They came to us thru separate adoptions last year after we lost our 15 year old labs, Tucker & Sunshine.  Boy, do they overfill the void!  They love to walk/run, chew things, steal socks and cuddle like lap-dogs! 

Thanks for reading and shopping Stones Collective. We hope you love the products we have designed and sourced for families just like us!