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Custom Handprint Quilt, for Teacher, Grandma, and families. Silent Auction and class gift.

Custom Handprint Quilt, for Teacher, Grandma, and families. Silent Auction and class gift.

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This is a Custom Handprint Quilt meant to be a lasting memory quilt for your family, friends and teachers! It is lap quilt sized and is personalized for you with hand or footprints! Perfect gift for Teacher, Grandma, or your whole family!  They also do wonderful as Silent Auction class donations or a class gift.

I started making these quilts for my Son’s Preschool teachers as a class gift. They include the Handprint of every child in the class! I would be thrilled to make one for you! This is a perfect gift for Grandparents (with a Handprint and message from each Grandchild), Teachers and Parents. They would be fun to make as a souvenir of a family reunion! The quilts are made with 100% Cotton fabric and cotton batting in between. I straight-line quilt, so the beauty of your handprints or footprints are not interrupted by my stitching. They are warm and cozy, perfect for a throw on the couch. They would even make a beautiful wall hanging and the perfect School Auction Item!

Once you place your custom order, I will mail you cotton fabric squares to put your handprints on. The handprints (or footprints for little ones) must be made with Fabric Paint (can be purchased at local craft stores) and any writing with a Fabric Pen. I can also send you a blank square to include a pen-written message for the back of the quilt or I am happy to embroider a simple message along the border (choose Embroidered Message when paying for your quilt) – please let me know your preference before I send out the squares. At this time, we will also work out your color scheme! I have plenty of fabric in stock. My samples show holiday and non-holiday fabrics – these are only samples! As soon as I receive your squares back, I will begin creating the quilt and it will ship to you when it is complete.

I can also make the quilt for you will all squares blank and you can have your Handprints applied directly to the quilt. You will just need to be careful with little hands, making sure there are no paint drips or accidental smears!

NEW Option - Applique Handprints!! You send me Handprints traced on Cardstock and I will cut out the hands in different colored fabric and applique them onto the white fabric squares! The Applique option includes an Embroidered Message and the name embroidered on each square.

Many sizes are available – the measurements are all approximate (the exact number of handprint squares will determine the quilt layout):
• 1 to 5 Handprint Squares – Quilt will measure 40” x 35”
• 6 to 9 Handprint Squares – Quilt will measure 40” x 40”
• 10 to 12 Handprint Squares – Quilt will measure 40” x 50”
• 13 to 15 Handprint Squares – Quilt will measure 40” x 60”
• 16 to 19 Handprint Squares – Quilt will measure 45” x 60”
• 20 to 24 Handprint Squares – Quilt will measure 50” x 60”
• Classroom Quilt!! 20 to 28 small Handprint Squares meant for little hands – Quilt measures approximately 40” x 60”
• Classroom Quilt!! 29 to 34 small Handprint Squares meant for little hands – Quilt measures approximately 45” x 65”

NOTE: all of the measurements are approximate, you may want larger squares (or smaller squares) and I lay them out in the most pleasing pattern - so sometimes the sizes are a little wider or longer!

Easy to tote and easy to wash! I recommend washing in cool water, gentle cycle, and tumble dry low. Or you can hang it out on the line to dry too.

All of my quilts are handmade with premium quilters cotton, warm and natural batting, and neutral coordinating backing (I can provide a cotton or flannel backing). Binding is double folded, machine stitched to the front and back.

Please allow 7 - 8 weeks for quilt to be created and then mailed to your home. Wait could be longer depending upon current wait list of clients and projects – I will always give you an estimate on custom orders.

**Please note, this quilt can also be modified to fit your favorite colors. Send me a message and we can work together to make something perfect for you, your family, or a beloved friend.
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