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Personalized Custom Memory Quilt 12 Baby Clothes, cherished keepsake.

Personalized Custom Memory Quilt 12 Baby Clothes, cherished keepsake.

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Custom Baby Clothes Memory Quilt, a collection of 12 pieces of clothing

Transform meaningful memories into a tangible keepsake with our Custom Memory Quilt made with 12 cherished baby clothes. Each quilt is a unique creation, approximately measuring 42” x 56”, filled with sentimental value for both moms and grandmas.

👶🏼 Relive the precious moments as you snuggle under this personalized quilt, crafted with your favorite baby pajamas, onesies, dresses, hats, bibs, and more. Each item represents a milestone or special moment in your child's growth, allowing you to cherish and celebrate these memories.

🧵 Handmade with care, this memory quilt offers a heartfelt and thoughtful gift idea for mothers and grandmas who yearn to hold onto the essence of their little ones' past. It provides comfort, warmth, and a tangible reminder of the love shared through generations.

Embrace sentimentality with our Custom Memory Quilt, a heartfelt tribute to the journey of your child's development. Create lasting memories and wrap yourself in the warmth of love and nostalgia with this personalized keepsake.

The sample quilt pictured is a 1st Year Holiday Quilt I made for my son. The 12 squares include the outfit, or piece of an outfit, that he wore for each holiday during his first year! Some of the items can be “functional” (pockets, snaps, etc.) so he chooses to store stuffed animals and other toys in them while cuddling!! 

I have the ability to embroider a name, date of birth, and/or short message on the quilt. If you would like a message, please choose that option and send me the message in Note to Seller.

How it works:
1) Buy the quilt. **Please note that the pictures in this listing are given as an example of a similar style quilt. Your quilt will look different, based on the clothes and colors you want used.

2) Let me know if you have any preferences for the color for the background squares and back (which is also the color bordering the outside edges on the front). I typically choose solids and patterns that are not too busy, so they do not take away from the baby clothes you are high-lighting. Grays and whites with a little yellow, blue or pink are most popular. If you have room décor or team colors you want me to match, just let me know!

3) If you have any outfit that you would like left whole, please let me know. I will do my very best to fit that outfit into our pattern. I may need to create a larger background square – I will discuss this with you in a Conversation. Since my squares are 14” – 15”, smaller outfits work best whole.

4) Check your clothes. Make sure there are not stains in any main area of the items. It will show up and I cannot guarantee that I can cut the stained area off! If you prefer that the back of a clothing item show on the quilt, please let me know up front. Items with zippers (for example, sleepers) do not always sit flat on a quilt. I am fine with including these items, please just be aware that they may not lay flat (see yellow sleeper in my sample pictures). I like to leave pockets, buttons and snaps as “usable” items on the quilt. Some necklines may also be left open (for a stuffed animal to hang out in!). **Please, please do not cut or trim the clothes yourself. Send them whole and I will cut them.** If you have any other questions about clothing items or special requests please let me know.

5) Please make sure the clothes are clean when you send them. I may wash the clothes, but I will not try to get stains out. If there are any clothing items that cannot be washed, please let me know. I typically wash my quilts before mailing them out so they have that puffy, quilted look!

6) Send me the 12 clothing items you want on the quilt. If you have a few items that you are unsure about, you can send a few extras and I will give you my opinion on what can work best.

7) As soon as you purchase the quilt, I will send you my address so you can mail your items. I will let you know my estimated processing time so you can make sure to keep your place in line and get your clothes to me by the date I plan to start your quilt. You can use any shipping method you choose and if you are local we can arrange a time to drop off your items to me. It will take me 2 – 4 weeks to complete your quilt.

8) I will send the finished quilt (along with any unused extra clothes you may have sent) back to you when finished. I promise it will be a treasure!

Please let me know if you have any other questions. I am happy to answer them and look forward to working with you!

Please note that I do take pictures of all of my quilts and may use them in my Listings as examples. If you are giving your quilt as a gift and do not want it displayed before a certain date, please do let me know!

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